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The Northwest College music curriculum offers students the courses and activities needed to begin a career in music. These include the study of music theory and history, the development of personal artistry, the use of music technology, group performance and those courses specific to careers in teaching, performance, or audio production. Students must earn a “C-” or better in core courses to fulfill the program requirements. With any discipline, students should consult the catalog of their transfer institution and work with their advisor in planning an appropriate course of study.

All courses in the music department are open to students regardless of their major area of study. Students from across campus are encouraged to participate in the many performing ensembles offered by the department.

Students declaring themselves as music majors must fulfill the following requirements:

For the AA degree, one major performing ensemble is required each semester enrolled as a music major. These ensembles include: College Band, College Choir, Orchestra or Guitar Ensemble. Enroll in at least one credit of applied music lessons each semester.

Each credit hour of lessons requires a one-half hour private lesson per week in addition to individual practice. Students are responsible for meeting with the instructor during the first week of classes to schedule the lesson.

Enroll in MUSC 0200 Convocation each semester

Students must take the class piano sequence until MUSC 2395 (piano proficiency exam) is passed.

Successfully complete a jury examination at the end of each semester in applied music study.
If the Legend of Zelda theme song triggers fond memories, welcome home. The critical thinking and logic required in video-game mastery is a definite plus in music technology. Follow-up if you can see yourself doing things like:

• Setting up the interactive electronic musicianship for an act like Blue Man Group

• Placing mics on actors as you handle production audio on a movie set

• Broadcasting a sports event — ESPN style

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Music Technology prepares students for technical, technological, and business careers in the music industry. Meant to be a terminal degree, the associate of applied science provides a solid foundation in production techniques in music recording, live sound reinforcement, sound for film, and computer-based music education tools.

Music Technology Degree

Associate of Applied Science

Career Paths

CD Recording
Sound Design
MIDI Operator
Music Editor